Weekly Meal Plan - May 22-28, 2011

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Weekly Meal Plan - May 22 - May 28
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Grilled Salmon on Puff Pastry Recipe
Grilled Salmon on Puff Pastry
You're going to love this fabulous grilled salmon fillet flavored with dill, especially when it tops a delicate puff pastry layer coated with a refreshing lemon basil mayonnaise that perfectly complements the flavor of the grilled salmon.

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Lemon Broccoli with Olives
Mandarin Orange Dessert

Pork and Pasta Skillet Supper Recipe
Pork and Pasta Skillet Supper
This dish makes pantry staples into a quick weekday meal. Serve with a crisp green salad and French bread.

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Pea and Cheese Salad
Garlic Bread

Springtime Pizza Recipe
Springtime Pizza
Healthier than the usual pizza recipes that are loaded with meat and cheese, this colorful vegetable pizza can be eaten guilt free, and it’s delicious to boot!

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Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks
Peanut Butter Cookies

Orange Chicken Salad Recipe
Orange Chicken Salad
Fruit, chicken and a savory dressing make this salad an enjoyable spring, summer or fall recipe.

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Quick Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins
Agua Fresca

Beef and Bean Burrito Recipe
Beef and Bean Burrito
Tortillas wrapped around beef, beans, and vegetables mixed with a seasoned sauce make this a favorite for any meal.

Additional recipes:
Homemade Canned Salsa
Mexican Corn

Your favorite store bought salsa can be substituted in place of Homemade Canned Salsa.

Grilled Oriental Chicken Sandwich Recipe
Grilled Oriental Chicken Sandwich
Soy sauce along with the crunch of the coleslaw gives this sandwich a great taste.

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Fried Rice
Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

American Pride Pork Chop Recipe
American Pride Pork Chop
Insert the meat thermometer into the pork chops horizontally to get an accurate reading. Serve with baked potato or mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.

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Quick & Easy Potatoes
Grilled Corn with Lemon - Lime Sauce
Orange Sherbet

If you don't have time to make Orange Sherbet, you can buy it from the supermarket to serve.


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