Cucumber Recipes

Cucumber Recipes
Enjoy the cool refreshing taste of cucumbers with our collection of cucumber recipes. Even if they are not in season, cucumbers are readily available in the supermarkets today so that you can enjoy these recipes throughout the year. When purchasing cucumbers in a supermarket, select ones without a wax coating for best results. Also, choose small to medium size cucumbers for better flavor and crispy texture and to avoid ones that contain large seeds.
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"Cucumbers are a very versitile vegetable. The are made into salads in which they are the main ingredient, as in Cucumber and Onion Salad or they may be added to other salads as one of several other ingredients, as in the Pasta Cucumber salad. They are also used to make great tasting dips and appetizers. Smaller size cucumbers are also used to make pickles. Cucumbers are a tasty way to add a little crunch and garden freshness to any recipe."
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"This is a handy collection of cucumber recipes. We are always looking for a different way to use our cucumbers from the garden other than making cucumber and onions all the time. This has a nice variety to choose from."
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