Stuffed Hamburger with Herb Cheese-Be Done With the Bun! Recipe

GrillGrates on the grill gives the chef so many new options for the everyday hamburger. GrillGrates will take you to the next level of gourmet! The stuffed hamburger has endless possibilities. Here is an easy, wonderful way to start off your adventures in gourmet hamburgers:THE STUFFED HAMBURGER WITH RONDELE GARLIC & HERB CHEESE
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  • 2 pounds of ground beef (any cut, ground chuck works well)
  • 2 tablespoons Rondele Garlic and Herb Cheese
  • Salt and pepper to taste sprinkled on the outside
  • Optional: Dash Jalapeno or cayenne pepper added to cheese spread for added heat
  • Form 8 thin patties, about 3" in diameter
  • Place about 2 tablespoons of Rondele Garlic & Herb Cheese spread in the center of every other patty and flatten cheese so that there is at least 1/2" of meat at the outer edge of the pattie, all the way around the cheese.
  • Take a patty without the cheese and place it on top of the patty with the cheese.
  • Press all around to seal the cheese in. Make sure there is no opening to allow cheese to drip through during grilling.
  • Place logs on pre-heated GrillGrates (8-10 minutes), Low- Low/Med heat, lid down.
  • Grill stuffed burgers on Low-Low/Medium, Lid Down. For charcoal, preheat your GrillGrates after the red hot peak, gray coals only (8-10 minutes), lid closed.
  • 12-15 minutes total time.Turn after 4 minutes. (see Note below).
  • The GrateTool makes handling, turning and serving the Stuffed Hamburger so easy.
  • Judge the initial sear marks to get an indication of how hot you are cooking. If the sear marks are dark to black on the first flip, you are cooking too hot, turn down the burners. Notice how the natural beef juices sizzle just under the burgers to enhance juiciness. Your grill never sounded so good!
  • For over the top presentation, wrap stuffed burgers with 2 ribbons of bacon in a gift-wrapped pattern.

  • Serves: 3-4
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