Halloween Recipes - Brain Food

  • 1 small seedless watermelon (the brain)
  • A picture of a brain to use as a guide
Step#1 Determine which side you want to carve. If necessary, cut a small slice off the opposite side so the melon sets flat.

Step#2 Using a sharp knife, carefully peel most of the green outer layer away from the watermelon, exposing the white layer below. Cut away most of the white layer in a few areas to expose a light pinkish color.

Step#3 Using the brain picture as a guide, score lines on the melon with a toothpick.

Step#4 With a sharp paring knife, carefully carve the scored lines, cutting away the white layer and exposing the melon’s flesh.

Step#5 serve immediately

For added grossness!

At serving time after your guests have had a chance to appreciate your master carving skills, begin “dissecting” the brain by cutting through the carved layer and exposing the “fleshy goodness” inside. Dig in!

Makes 1 edible cranium.

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