Wavy Line Frosting Design

To begin this simple frosting design, apply the top coat of frosting and smooth it on the top and sides. When creating this wavy line frosting design, a decorating comb is very useful but as shown below, a fork will also work when using this design for decorating cakes and other desserts.

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Wavy Line Frosting Design

  • Sheet Cake: Using a decorating comb, begin creating the wavy lines by pressing the comb at a right angle into the frosting, starting on one side of the cake. Move the comb in a slight side to side motion as you move it along the length of the cake.
  • Layer Cake: Start on the bottom edge on the side of the cake. Turning the cake as you go, move the comb up and down to create a wave pattern in the frosting.

  • Sheet Cake: After going the entire length of the cake, lift the tool and start another row of wavy lines next to the first row, creating the lines in the same manner.
  • Layer Cake: Once you have gone all around the cake, move the comb up the side and make another row of wavy lines around the cake. Continue in this manner until the sides are covered with wavy lines all the way up to the top edge of the cake.
  • Sheet Cake: Continue making rows of wavy lines in this manner until the entire top of the cake is covered.
  • Layer Cake: Create lines across the top by pulling the comb across the cake in the same wavy pattern. Move across the cake in rows of wavy lines until the entire top is covered.
Note: If you used wax paper under the layer cake to protect the cake plate or board while frosting the cake, it could be removed now. Slowly slide the paper out by carefully sliding it left to right as you gently pull it out. Do not just pull it out towards you because you will run more of a risk of damaging the bottom edge of the cake and frosting.
  • When finished, this easy cake decorating method creates a simple but decorative wavy line pattern to the frosted cake.

Alternative Method for Creating the Wavy Lines Design

If you do not have a decorating comb available you can use a fork to create this wavy lines design when decorating cakes and other desserts. The fork will give just a little different look with a difference in spacing between the lines and the depth of the lines. Shown below is how the design is created with a fork.

  • A fork can also be used to make the wavy lines of this design. Beginning at one edge, pull the fork along the length of the cake in a wavy pattern until the entire length is covered. Continue by moving the fork next to the first row of wavy lines and make another row of wavy lines the length of the cake.
  • Continue to move across the cake in rows of wavy lines until the entire top is covered. As you are making the wavy lines try to make the pattern consistent with the other rows and try to use the same amount of pressure as you pull the fork along the frosting so that the wavy lines are also fairly consistent in depth.

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