Peak Frosting Design

This simple frosting design does not take any special tool for cake decorating. A teaspoon is all that is required. This frosting design can be used on most all frosting types. The peaks are added after the top coat of frosting has been applied.

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Peak Frosting Design

  • The peaks are made by pressing the back of a teaspoon or the flat side of a frosting spatula into the frosting and pulling it straight up. Repeat this process over the entire top of the cake or cupcakes, making the peaks approximately 1/2" to 3/4" apart.

  • Continue this process across the entire top of the cake or over the top of all the cupcakes. When the top of a layer cake is done, use the same method to create peaks all around the sides of the cake.

If the wax paper is still under a layer cake, protecting the cake plate or board, it could be removed once all of the peaks are done. Slowly slide the paper out by carefully sliding it left to right as you gently pull it out. Do not just pull it out towards you because you will run more of a risk of damaging the bottom edge of the cake and frosting.
  • When finished, the peak frosting design will produce a nicely decorated cake or grouping of cupcakes that required little effort.


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