A Norwegian term used to describe a traditional thin cookie originating in Norway that is baked as a large round flat cake and formed into a cone shape. Krumkaker (plural form) may range in size from 5 to 10 inches in diameter when initially baked using a cooking iron. The cooking iron serves as a griddle that may be placed on a hot stove top for cooking or it may be an electric appliance referred to as a cooking iron which holds poured batter and then heats the cooking surface to bake both sides of the Krumkake, similar to a waffle iron. When the Kurmkake is finished baking, a forming tool is used to shape the final appearance of the cookie. While still warm, the cookie is lifted off the cooking iron and wrapped around the cone-shaped forming tool, which creats a wrapped appearance similar to an ice-cream cone. The cookie then hardens to become somewhat brittle in texture. Often assoicated with holiday foods in the U.S., such as a Christmas cookie, this is due to Norwegian families using recipes passed down from generations that are prepared for family gatherings and celebrations. Krumkake cookies are most often made with sugar, butter, flour, eggs, and cream. In addition, the Krumkake may be flavored with various seasonings added from family recipes such as spices, brandy or other favorite seasonings.

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