Charcoal Starter Fluid or Lighter Fluid

This substance is used as a combustible fuel to ignite charcoal briquettes that are being prepared for grilling. The Starter Fluid is sprayed or squirted directly onto the briquettes and is allowed to soak into each lump of charcoal. A long matchstick or a lighter wand should be used to keep hands safely away from the combustion as the fluid is ignited by the flame. The components of this substance are formulated to provide a slow burning fuel that starts to slowly burn and will not flare up unless spread too heavily. The slow burning properties of the Starter Fluid keeps the flame from flaring up when ignited, as may occur with other types of fluids and fuels such as gasoline, which should never be used as a Charcoal Starter Fluid for grilling foods. If any excessive flames need to be extinguised, use a dry chemical extinguisher, a fire prevention foam or cut off the air supply to the flames if possible.

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