Chantilly Cream

Generally, this term refers to a sweetened whipped cream with added flavoring. French in origin, Chantilly Creme is referred to as crème chantilly and in France is used as a topping for various desserts or an ingredient in savory food dishes. The traditional recipe for making Chantilly Cream required the whipped cream to be sweetened with sugar and then both vanilla and brandy flavorings were added or only one of the flavors was added to enhance the taste. Today, there are different variations of this recipe, some of which have little if any flavoring or sweetness to the recipe. Or instead of brandy, a beverage such as a coffee flavored liqueur is added. Often, a Chantilly Cream will be made without flavoring to be added to a savory dish such as whipped potatoes, providing an airy texture with a rich taste.

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