One of the smallest chili peppers but also one of the hottest. The chili is very small and has a rounded shape. It is very similar in taste and hotness to the Chili Piquin. They are often mistaken for each other. The Chili Piquin is just slightly larger than the Chiltepin and has a elongated shape. They are both very popular and eaten fresh or dried. Their heat is slow to take affect but stays with you for a long time. Younger chilies are green in color and as the mature they turn an orange-red color. When dried they turn a brownish-red. It has a mildly sweet, smoky flavor. The hottest parts of the chili are the ribs and seeds. Removing some or all of these parts will reduce the degree of hotness. Chili Piquin and Chiltepin chilies mainly used to flavor Hispanic, Asian, and Indian foods such as hot-pepper seasoning sauces, soups, stews, and bean dishes. They are available fresh, dried, and in powder form. They can be stored in the refrigerator, unwrapped, for up to a week. Do not store in plastic because this will allow them to retain moisture and cause them to rot.

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