Cabernet Franc

Pronounced cab-air-nay FrahN. A grape varietal, used in the production of red wine, originating in the Loire Region of France. Also grown in Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States, and Argentina. A small player in Bordeaux Blends, it is now becoming trendy as a varietal. Also a small player in Red Chenin, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blends.

Also known as: Bouchet, Bouchy, Brenton, Breton, Cabernet Frank, Carmenet, Gros Bouchet, Grosse Vidure, Trouchet Noir, and Vernon Bordo.

Characteristics: As a vintage, produces a pleasant red wine with flavors of black currant, fruit, floral, plum, spice, and oak with gentle tannins. As a varietal, produces a light red wine with the aroma and flavor of blueberries.

Serving temperature: Serve at a temperature of 64.4º-68º F.

Food pairings: Italian Pancetta, cannelloni with meat, Chinese Tea duck, Chinese Peking duck, meat couscous, Gyros, Tandoori, lasagna, middle eastern cuisine, chicken pâté, goose pâté, veal pâté, pork pâté, poultry pâté, vegetable pâté, pizza, poultry, spinach soufflé, and meat Tajines.

USDA Nutrition Facts

Serving Size1 fluid ounce
Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates2g

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