Chinese Winter Squash

A variety of Asian squash that is popular in China and Japan, as well as many other countries. It is typically a larger variety squash that has a waxy dark green speckled skin that contains tiny prickly hairs. The outer skin covers a white firm inner flesh. This vegetable is widely grown to be eaten raw or as a cooked and roasted vegetable. The ends of this squash are commonly hollowed out to be used as a bowl to be filled with chicken soup or other types of soup. Other names for this vegetable include: ash pumpkin, beligo, bi bee, bi dao, Chinese preserving melon, Chinese wax gourd, Chinese winter gourd, dong gwa, dong gua, jit kua, koondoor, kundur, mo-kuey, large fuzzy melon, tallow gourd, tang-kuey, tohgan, tougan, wax gourd, winter gourd, and zucca della cera.

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