A quick bread made from cornmeal instead of flour that is traditionally served hot. It is either fried in a skillet to create a crispy treat or baked in a shallow pan resulting in bread that is dense and more bread-like. It is often served as a complement to a variety of main dishes, soups and stews. Cornbread or corn bread as it is also spelled, has a golden yellow color and a distinctive corn flavor. Several common cornbread recipes include: Corn Pone - a baked or fried oval shaped cornbread prepared without eggs; Hushpuppies or Hush Puppies - a deep-fried cornmeal dumpling; Johnnycakes or Johnny Cakes - a cornmeal pancake; and Spoonbread or Spoon Bread - a cornmeal dish that is served with a soft consistency and commonly eaten with a spoon.

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