Parboiled Rice

A type of rice that has been altered through various processing methods to improve it for cooking and eating. Different varieties of rice can be processed into Parboiled Rice such as paddy, rough or ribe rices. The rice is soaked by steam heating or water boiling the rice before the bran and germ are removed or hulled from the kernel. The rice is then partially cooked to jellify and thicken the starch in the grain as well as to add nutrients into the rice kernel which are contained in the bran and germ. In addition to adding nutrients, this procedure is undertaken in order to provide a stiffer rice that does not stick together and is firmer in texture. Steam soaking the rice prior to milling allows it to become extra fluffy in consistency while partially cooking helps decrease the time necessary to prepare the rice. When prepared by the consumer, Parboiled Rice cooks quickly without becoming soft and mushy. Because of the processes involved, this type of rice can be cooked, frozen or canned without much loss of kernel structure and texture. Parboiled Rice is best suited for side dishes and warm or cold rice salads. This rice may also be referred to as converted rice however, actual converted rice takes longer to cook than Parboiled Rice.

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