Camembert Cheese

A cheese that is French in origin, which is also made in other European countries and the United States. It is made from cow's milk and when produced it has a pale yellow color, a soft white rind, and a creamy texture. The flavor of Camembert Cheese is distinctive and slightly fruity and with an aroma similar to mushrooms. It is sold in small disc shapes and is used exclusively as a table cheese.

Cheeses such as Camembert, Chèvre or Brie are bloomed rind cheeses that have a chalky white colored rind made from mold added to the cheeses. A Penicillium edible mold is added to start the creation of the rind. As the cheese ages, the mold matures or blooms into a semi-firm crust that not only forms on the cheese crust but penetrates into the paste moving from the outer covering to the inner center of the cheese paste. This adds flavor to the edible rind and enhances the flavor of the cheese paste.


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