1. Cheese Curd - A small solid that is formed during the first stage of cheesemaking when milk is coagulated, separating it into solids of protein and liquid. After a starter culture has been added to the vat of warm, raw milk at the very beginning of the cheesemaking process, the milk begins to curdle, coagulating into the solid and liquid forms. At this point the milk protein, referred to as casein, coagulates and is turned into a Curd. If the Curds are to be made into cheese, they go through several processes which include first being cut to a general size (fine, medium or large, also referred to as "coarse") which determines the texture of the cheese being produced. Fine curds provide a firmer cheese while large curds make a soft cheese. As the Curds are cut, the whey is removed and drained and then used for cheese making while the Curds are then cooked, pressed, milled, and salted for the final stages of the cheesemaking process.

2. Sweet Curd - A sweet condiment made with sugar, water, eggs, butter, cream from milk, a flavored concentrate, natural flavors, and pectin. This type of curd is common in England and served as a spreadable topping for scones, muffins, toast, and baked goods. Smooth in texture and very rich in taste, Sweet Curds are most often available in a variety of fruit flavors such as strawberry, lemon, orange, and raspberry.

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