A china, ceramic, pottery, or metal container that is used for brewing and serving hot tea. Originating in Asian cultures many centuries ago, the Teapot was created as a means to infuse the flavors of minced tea leaves with water so it could be served as a beverage. The material first used to make Teapots was unglazed clay, which was cherished for its ability to absorb the flavor of the tea, allowing it to not only be held within the material but to also serve as a way to enhance and strengthen the continuing flavors of the tea as each pot was brewed.

Today there are many varieties of Teapots produced, from the whimsical to the simple in design and shape. When selecting, consider the capacity, the Teapot material, and the ease of not only access to the inside chamber for cleaning but also for filling, and the ease of cleaning the outside. Then grip the pot as one would when pouring, and make sure it will be comfortable for use when filled with tea that is to be dispersed.


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