Hubbard Squash

A winter squash with a thick bumpy skin that may range in color from grayish-blue (Baby-blue and blue hubbard) to green (Green hubbard) to bright orange (Golden hubbard). The Baby-blue hubbard is a small squash while the Green, Blue and Golden are large in size. The yellow fine-grained flesh has the best flavor when it is baked or boiled and then mashed with butter, herbs, and spices or brown sugar to enhance the flavor of a variety that may be typically bland tasting.

To prepare, cut in half, place it flesh side down in 1/2 inch of water and bake for 3/4 to 1 hour at 375 degrees in an oven or 1/4 hour in a microwave. The squash can be served as a side dish, used as a base for soups and purees, or made into pumpkin pie filling. It can be stored for long periods if it is kept in a cool place. Also known as Blue or Australian Blue squash.


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