Honeydew Melon

A melon variety that has a hard, cream-colored outer rind with an inner flesh that is pale green in color. Some varieties have a salmon colored rind with an inner flesh that is orange in color and are often referred to as the Orange-Flesh Honeydew or the Temptation Melon. In the center cavity there are seeds that are easily removed before slicing apart the fruit. Honeydew melons are very juicy, have a sweet flavor, and a nice aroma. When ripe, the skin will remain firm and have a somewhat waxy feel with a slight softness at the stem end. If the melon feels too firm or too soft, if it has dark spots on the rind, or if it can be shaken and the seeds can be heard within, it indicates the melon may not be of good quality. A melon with a sweet fruity smell generally will indicate the melon is good. Honeydew melons are grown commercially in the southwestern United States, South America and New Zealand.

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