Dry Sausage

A sausage that may be categorized as dry or semi-dry that is cooked, smoked, or un-smoked, and is generally considered as ready-to-eat. Dry or semi-dry sausages are a more concentrated form of meat made from beef, pork, poultry, or a combination of meats that are ground, seasoned with spices and mixed with curing ingredients, packed into a casing, and then moved through a controlled and continuous air-drying process. The semi-dry sausage is not as hard in substance as the dry sausage and is partially dried as it is smoked to fully cook the product before being ready for consumption. The types of dry sausage available are: chorizo, Frizzes, pepperoni, Lola, Lolita, Lyons, and salami. Types of semi-dry sausage are: summer sausage or Cervelat, Mortadella, and Lebanon bologna.

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