Often referred to as "summer sausage" or "blockwurst", Cervelat is a mildly seasoned sausage made from chopped pork or from a combination of chopped pork and beef. It is often seasoned with garlic, mustard, herbs, and spices and is then cured, dried, and smoked to become either a moist variety of sausage or a semi-dry sausage. The most popular Cervelat is thuringer which is made from beef combined with ham or pork fat. Italian made mortadella is another common variety of Cervelat that is finely grained and softer in texture. Most salami products are very dry in texture while most Cervelat products are more moist in consistency and content, making the meat softer in texture.

Cervelat may also be referred to as Zervelat or Servelat. In Germany, Cervelat is made from a combination of pork, beef and bacon while other European varieties may use the same ingredients but in different proportions.

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