Pfifferling Mushroom

(Scientific Name: Cantharellus cibarius) A funnel shaped mushroom that is tapered at the base. The cap of the mushroom measures from one to six inches across, has a depressed center, and a curly edge. When fresh, it has a bright yellow color, which fades to a paler yellow after it is harvested and ages. A pfifferling mushroom has a mild flavor and a subtle scent of apricots. The pfifferling mushroom grows in many areas of North America, but it is most numerous on the West Coast. A large quantity is exported to Europe where it is very popular. A fresh pfifferling will keep in the refrigerator about one week. It can be wrapped in paper towels or placed in a paper bag, but should not be stored in plastic. A dried pfifferlings will last much longer than fresh, but is not as flavorful. Also known as Chanterelle mushrooms.

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