Mascarpone Cheese

An Italian cheese-like product made from cream skimmed off cow's milk that is processed to become a spreadable food. Mascarpone is basically a solidified cream, which has had a culture added before being heated, coagulated, and whipped into a silky smooth consistency. Somewhat acidic in flavor, it is commonly used to enhance the richness of sauces, such as for use in savory dishes. Or it adds to the richness of pasteries and desserts, such as the Italian dessert, tiramisu. It is often sweetened and flavored to be served as a topping for foods or simply combined with fresh fruit to become a tasty dessert dish.

Mascarpone generally has a texture that is similar to crème fraîche, but it can range from very light and creamy soft to a stiffer buttery consistency. The texture can be lightened if necessary by adding heavy cream that has been whipped.


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