Masa Harina

Translated from Spanish into English it means "dough flour", an ingredient that is a powdered form of a dough made from dried hominy. White or yellow corn is used for making hominy, which is also known as “posole” or “pozole”. The corn is boiled in a solution containing powdered lime and is then washed, dried, and ground to form the masa harina. Water is added to masa harina to form dough, which is used to prepare corn tamales and tortillas. In Spanish, masa means ''dough'', which in Mexico can be translated to mean ''corn dough'', an essential ingredient in Mexican cooking. Only white or yellow corn is used to make masa harina. Blue corn is used to make harinilla, a blue corn flour. Masa harina is available in Hispanic markets and large food stores. It can be kept in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dry area for about one year.

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