The primal cut of an animal that contains the most tender and the leanest sub-primal and market ready cuts. The beef loin, which includes the short loin and the sirloin, is located between the rib and round, providing cuts such as the tenderloin, steaks, and roasts. The pork loin, which does not include the spareribs/belly, is located between the shoulder and the ham. It provides cuts such as the tenderloin, chops, ribs, roasts, and Canadian bacon. The loin of a lamb is located between the rib and the rear leg, providing cuts such as chops, roasts, medallions, noisettes and the "eye of the loin" (tenderloin). A veal loin is located behind the rack and breast, and before the leg. It provides cuts such as chops, tenderloins and roasts. The cuts from the loins of these animals are generally the best and most expensive cuts of meat.

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