A popular Mexican dish prepared with a soft corn tortilla, used as a food wrap, that is rolled around ingredients such as chicken, beef or pork and topped with cheese and vegetables, which may include lettuce, onions, and sweet peppers. The tortilla is covered with a sauce that may be a chili sauce such as mole, a tomato-based salsa, or a sauce made from tomatillos. Fresh tortillas that are somewhat thick are best for making Enchilada. The Enchilada is then baked or seared to create a food that may be a spicy creation or a mildly flavored serving, but always a flexible, well textured meal. If the tortillas are stiff, consider brushing or lightly misting the olive or cooking oil and placing them in the oven on a low heat setting, which is a procedure that works well with thicker tortillas. Enchiladas are most often served as a casual food or as a main dish.

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