A common herb that is native to Europe and western Asia, but is also grown in many other parts of the world. The hollowed stems of Chervil mature to a height of three feet tall and the large, light green leaves appear somewhat feather-shaped. Chervil has a sweet, mild parsley and anise flavor, which improves the taste of fruit when paired with the acidic flavors contained in many fruits. In addition to fruit, it pairs well with eggs, soups, poultry, beef, veal, celery, cucumbers, eggplant, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, and spinach. Often used as a substitute for sugar in sweet dishes, Chervil can also be served fresh in salads or included as an ingredient in a combination blend of herbs known as fine herbs. Most of the distinctive flavor in Chervil dissapears when the herb is converted into a dried form. Chervil is also referred to as Cicely, Sweet Cicely, and Myrrh.

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