Native to tropical regions, a banana has a tough outer peel that may be yellow, red, green, or black when ripe. All varieties contain a soft creamy flesh inside that may be white, yellow or pinkish cream colored. There are several varieties available with the Cavendish being the most common. Other varieties include Baby (also known as Lady Finger or Nino), Blue Java ( also known as Ice Cream) Burro, Hua Moa (also known as Hawaiian), Manzano (also known as Apple), Plantain, and the Red banana (also known as the Jamaican). This fruit is often found in a green, unripe stage, but will continue to ripen and turn yellow, red, brown and black when kept at room temperature. When bananas are refrigerated, the skin darkens quicker, but they are kept from becoming soft and mushy for a longer period of time.

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