How to Make a Bloody Mary Video

How to Make a Bloody Mary Video's video demonstration, 'How to Make a Bloody Mary,' has easy-to-follow instructions to make the perfect Bloody Mary.
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Hi everyone! This is Laurie from Today, we are going to be making Bloody Marys. Now there is a million recipes for Bloody Marys out there so I am just going to show you the basic recipe, and you can adjust the seasonings and garnishes to make it your own. Start by wetting the rim of a 16 ounce glass on a damp paper towel and then dip the rim into celery salt. The next thing is to fill it three-quarters full with ice. Add one and a half ounces of your favorite vodka, and then just top it off with a good quality Bloody Mary mix. Stir that up, and then just top it with a small sprinkling of more celery salt and a little bit of black pepper. You can garnish the Bloody Mary with whatever you like, but my favorite is a stalk of celery and two green olives. Just hook it on a toothpick and lay it on the side. Remember this recipe can be changed to your liking by adding different garnishes and seasonings. For more great beverage recipes, visit

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