Trussing A Chicken Video

Trussing A Chicken Video's video tip on how to truss a chicken. For more cooking tips and advice visit
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Today, I am going to demonstrate how to truss a chicken. Before you get started, make sure to remove the giblets from the cavity of the bird. Rinse the chicken with cold water, both inside and out, and it is a good idea to pat it dry with a paper towel just so it is easier to handle. To start, fold the tips of the wings underneath the back of the bird; then with kitchen twine, measure out five times the length of your chicken just so - to make sure you have adequate amount of string. Turn the bird so that the tail end is away from you. Find the center of your string, and start by putting the string over the top of the drumsticks and wrap around underneath. And, you want to crisscross the strings and keep the drumsticks tight right underneath that breastbone. Now, wrap the string right around the thighs of the bird, pick the bird up, and flip so that the wing tips are away from you. Make sure you keep that string right on the thigh of the bird. Starting on one side, take the string and tuck it underneath the tip of the wing, and keep it as close to that joint as you can; then wrap it around and tuck it under the original string. Do the same thing on the opposite side: under the wing tip, close to the joint, and wrap it underneath the original string. Now, a trussed chicken does not bake as evenly as an untrussed chicken, but if you are worried about presentation and the chicken holding its shape, it is a good idea to truss the bird. Crisscross the strings so that the tips of the wings touch, making sure that that string stays up on the thighs of the bird, and then you can just simply tie it off in a knot or a bow. Trim off your excess string, and your bird is ready to roast. For more information on preparing chicken, visit

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