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Member Since: 09/24/2011
Last Updated: 09/24/2011
Sex: female
Birthdate: 12/05/1949
Country: USA
Occupation: Retired
About Me: I live alone in the foothills of East Tennessee Mountains. Every Sunday I have a friend who drives 50 miles for Sunday dinner. My challenge is this: He has multiple food allergies..dairy...eggs...shellfish...peanuts...and MSG. In addition I must limit salt and sugar as he is hypoglycemic and has high blood pressure. I have actually done pretty well adapting recipes for him. Suggestions welcome.
Hobbies: Reading, Music, Art,
Cooking Level: Intermediate
Food Interests: American, Mediterranean, Soul Food-Southern, Moderate, Egg Free, High Fiber, Light, Low Sodium, Non-Dairy, Vegetarian and Vegan
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