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Member Since: 10/13/2010
Last Updated: 10/13/2010
Sex: female
Birthdate: 01/12/1953
Country: USA
Occupation: none
About Me: I live in the original "Wings" area, outside of Buffalo, NY. (Btw-it's just 'wings,' not Buffalo wings.) Addicted to TV - 'specially the FoodNetwork shows: Next Iron Chef, Chopped,etc. Also love the Top Chef shows on Bravo. I cook mostly for myself but enjoy the creation process. I'll stuff & roast a turkey with all the trimmings for myself, but share the leftovers. Love the dark meat. Been told I make an "awesome" meatloaf, mac salad, & perfect meringues. Not much of a baker but do try. Have been cooking since the age of 10. Mostly self-taught. Don't really follow many recipes & like to make up my own. I live with my kittie, Squeak & we enjoy many playful hours together. She does like sliced turkey & ham but won't eat steak.
Hobbies: Reading, Photography, Gardening,
Cooking Level: Intermediate
Food Interests: American, Asian, Italian, Moderate,
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