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Re:Need a new gas grill
Posted: 04/23/2008 08:01:26 AM
We bought the Weber Genesis - thanks for recommending it! We have only used it once, but it was great!
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Re:Make Ahead Meals
Posted: 02/07/2008 09:26:47 AM
The last time I made a roast in the crock pot, I cooked 2 roasts. When they were done, I shredded and froze one of them. The next week, I made shredded bbq beef sandwiches with it. Very quick and easy!
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Re:What's for Dinner, Fri. Dec. 7?
Posted: 12/07/2007 10:57:59 AM
I cooked last night and tonight it is just me and the little kids so we will visit my mom and do take out!
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Re:What's for Dinner, Wed. Dec. 5?
Posted: 12/05/2007 09:43:57 AM
We haven't had spaghetti in awhile, I think that sounds good. I have breadsticks and lettuce for a salad.
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Re:Football Recipe Ideas please!!
Posted: 11/16/2007 2:25:34 PM
I want to try the bacon wrapped jalapeno's this weekend. Has anyone made them? I would leave out the parmesan cheese though, I'm not a fan of that.
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Re:1 Hour to Cook & Eat
Posted: 11/02/2007 2:24:20 PM
I found this idea and plan to do some day, but just haven't yet. Buy hamburger when it is on sale in big packages. Brown a pound at a time, put in freezer bag and throw in freezer. Then when you want to make something quick, just take the meat out and reheat to make tacos, spaghetti, whatever, a lot faster.
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