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Steakhouse Valentines

Menu: Steakhouse Valentines  by jwc

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Main Course

Northwestern Steak

northwestern steak

Filet mignon is perfect for this recipe, but any type of steak will also work well.


Garlic Butter Smashed Potatoes

garlic butter smashed potatoes

Homestyle cooking done right is what this side dish is. The potatoes have the peels on, to save time and add nutrition. Leave them a little chunky to keep some texture. This will be the perfect side next to your beef or pork.
Asparagus Fries

asparagus fries

Fried up in a pan with little mess, these asparagus spears are so flavorful you won't need those potato fries. Be careful not to burn the garlic as it becomes bitter.
Italian Seasoned Garlic Bread

italian seasoned garlic bread

Simple and tasty garlic bread recipe. The seasoning packet has everything in it.
Mushrooms Divine

mushrooms divine

Great addition to grilled steak and chicken.


Easy Krispie Marshmallow Brownie Bars

easy krispie marshmallow brownie bars

Three layers make these bars not the prettiest but they are the tastiest. The first layer is brownies. Then it's topped off with marshmallows and then finished with a chocolate peanut butter rice cereal mixture. Sinful and worth it.
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