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Weekend w/Family 2010

Weekly Meal Plan: Weekend w/Family 2010  by jwc

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Day 1


Grilled Bratwurst With Onions and Beer

grilled bratwurst with onions and beer

Here's an easy but flavorful way to prepare grilled bratwurst: add the bratwurst sausage to onions and beer in a heavy skillet and simmer for ten to twelve minutes prior to grilling. You'll be amazed at how much flavor is added to the bratwurst.

Day 2


Sausage Mushroom Egg Casserole

sausage mushroom egg casserole

This egg bake will be one of the best you'll ever eat. The creamy soup adds a depth of flavor even the kids will love.
Spicy Bloody Mary

spicy bloody mary

This spicy tomato cocktail is a favorite morning beverage among those who enjoy a little spark to start their day. Screwdrivers are another popular morning cocktail, or it is popular at a morning brunch or wedding shower to serve Mimosa as a cocktail.


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reuben dip

Beef Tacos

beef tacos

An easy to prepare family favorite that is sure to please.


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slow cooker orange chicken

Orange chicken is a popular main dish that can be prepared easily using the slow cooker. Serve this great tasting, versatile slow cooker recipe with hot cooked rice for a satisfying dinnertime entree.
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strawberry pretzel dessert

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mojitos for a crowd

All the flavor of the original mojito without all the work. Put everything in the jar and shake away. Perfect for a camping or vacation trip. The longer you shake, the better it tastes.

Day 3


Roasted Asparagus Quiche

roasted asparagus quiche

The roasted asparagus adds a unique flavor to this brunch that your guests will love. This is perfect for a light dinner, too.


Grilled Mushroom  and Cheese Burger

grilled mushroom and cheese burger

This simple recipe gives ordinary grilled ground beef burgers a boost of flavor. When topped with cheese and sautéed mushrooms, this hamburger becomes an all-American classic.
Summer Vegetable Salad

summer vegetable salad

Use your favorite fresh vegetables to make this easy salad.


Marinated Grilled Chicken Pitas

marinated grilled chicken pitas

The cucumbers, tomatoes and italian dressing complement this sandwich perfectly. Pair this will sweet corn and you'll make it a meal.
Grilled Corn with Lemon - Lime Sauce

grilled corn with lemon - lime sauce

When you combine the irresistible flavor of grilled sweet corn with a buttery lemon and lime sauce and you get the fantastic vegetable side dish featured in this distinctive recipe.
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