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Memorial 2010

Weekly Meal Plan: Memorial 2010  by jwc

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Day 1


Ham and Egg Breakfast Pizza

ham and egg breakfast pizza

Enjoy pizza for breakfast with this hearty creation that incorporates all of your favorite breakfast foods in one tasty dish. Add this Ham and Egg Breakfast Pizza to your brunch buffet table and it will be the first dish to disappear.


Brat Kabobs

brat kabobs

A pineapple brat with sweet peppers and onions.
Pasta Cucumber Salad

pasta cucumber salad

"Cool as a cucumber" is what you'll be thinking once you try this refreshing, crunchy summertime salad recipe that features cabbage, carrots, onions, green peppers, and of course, cucumbers, tossed in a light mayo dressing and combined with freshly cooked pasta.
Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars

peanut butter oatmeal bars

Each bar is full of peanut flavor and topped with a smooth chocolate icing.


Grilled Marinated Chicken

grilled marinated chicken

With a limited but tasty blend of ingredients, the marinade for this excellent grilled chicken recipe produces chicken that is ultra-tender and packed with flavor. Serve it with grilled asparagus and sweet potatoes for a complete meal.
Packet Potatoes

packet potatoes

These potatoes are great grilled and served next to a steak! A must for camping trips!

Day 2


Easy Breakfast Sandwich

easy breakfast sandwich

Start your day off right with this easy to prepare sausage and egg sandwich. Make your breakfast sandwich extra special by adding tomatoes, avocados or mushrooms. Use our Tips and Advice for instructions on making scrambled eggs.


Grilled Chicken Ciabatta Sandwiches

grilled chicken ciabatta sandwiches

When a sandwich recipe features tender grilled chicken, marinated mozzarella cheese, fresh spinach leaves, and thinly sliced tomato, as this one does, it promises to be delicious. When the ingredients are placed on a ciabatta loaf spread with a fresh basil and lemon mayonnaise, then served hot off the grill, it becomes hard to beat.
Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Salad

bacon, lettuce and tomato salad

A quick way to enjoy the great taste of a BLT. This scrumptious summer salad has all the fixings for a BLT sandwich: bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes, served along with croutons and dressing. Tomatoes fresh from your garden will give this salad a summer fresh taste.


Ribeye Steak with Spicy Rub

ribeye steak with spicy rub

The spicy, smokey rub gives this ribeye steak recipe great flavor. You can try this rub recipe on a variety of meats. You can find more great grilling recipes like this on our site.
Risotto with Grilled Vegetables

risotto with grilled vegetables

The Italian dish, risotto, can be enhanced in countless ways. In this recipe, summer squash, asparagus, and Italian dressing transform this rich, creamy rice dish into a substantial side dish that could just as easily be served as an entree.
Grilled Peaches

grilled peaches

How could this recipe get any easier to make or more delicious to eat? The unique flavor provided by grilling adds so much to peaches. Serve them with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of honey and you have a fantastic dessert.

Day 3


Breakfast Pigs in a Blanket

breakfast pigs in a blanket

Wonderful way to start the day! The kids will enjoy this fun way to serve sausage and pancakes. Other fun and unique breakfast recipes, such as our Breakfast Skillet or our make ahead Breakfast Frittata can be found on our site.
Fruitful Pineapple

fruitful pineapple

Use fully ripe fruit for best flavor in this attractive, easy to make medley. To use as a dessert, serve over ice cream or custard.


Grilled Mushroom  and Cheese Burger

grilled mushroom and cheese burger

This simple recipe gives ordinary grilled ground beef burgers a boost of flavor. When topped with cheese and sautéed mushrooms, this hamburger becomes an all-American classic.
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