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Girls Planning

Weekly Meal Plan: Girls Planning  by jwc

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Day 1


Chicken Nuggets With Dipping Sauce

chicken nuggets with dipping sauce

A honey mustard dipping sauce makes these homemade chicken nuggets a huge hit. Any flavor chips will be great, but sour cream and onion seem to be the favorite.
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diner style baked potato home fries

Broccoli Everyone Will Love

broccoli everyone will love

Lemon and garlic infuse this broccoli to load it with flavor. It's so easy to throw together and as the title suggests, everyone will love it. Be sure to make enough!

Day 2


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easy yummy spaghetti

Garlic Bubble Ring

garlic bubble ring

This garlic bread tastes like homemade bread with Parmesan and garlic baked into it. And you can't beat how easy it is to put together, just allowing time to let it rise. Perfect with spaghetti or lasagna.
Light Caesar Salad

light caesar salad

This is the light & healthy version of the classic Caesar salad. As a variation you can add grilled fish, chicken or seafood and make it an entree.

Day 3


Creamy Mac and Cheese

creamy mac and cheese

A macaroni and cheese recipe that is just as creamy as the one from the box. The creamy white sauce is tasty and perfect baked into the pasta. It's a classic favorite.
Scallops with Bacon

scallops with bacon

Easy enough to whip up quickly but elegant enough to entertain with. The flavor of the scallops with the bacon and green onions is perfect.
Marinated Asparagus

marinated asparagus

Grilled vegtable side dish with an excellent flavor.
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