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February Snow Week

Weekly Meal Plan: February Snow Week  by AnnaRC

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Day 1


Fabulous Chicken Salad

fabulous chicken salad

This is a great lunch or dinner salad that goes well with a crunchy French bread or Portuguese rolls.
Turkey Club Tortilla Roll Ups

turkey club tortilla roll ups

A tortilla rollup with all the great flavors of a club sandwich. Turkey, bacon and mayonnaise make this a hit with everyone. Bring it on a picnic or pack this wrap in a sack lunch.

Day 2


Gramma Loveys Party Mix

gramma lovey's party mix

A snack mix that makes a whole big batch. Perfect for parties. These can be stored in zipper bags in the freezer to keep the fresh and ready for unexpected guests.
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homemade pizza pie

Monster Cookies

monster cookies

You can't go wrong with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and oatmeal all rolled into one cookie. Use seasonal M&Ms to make then festive for any holiday.

Day 3


Ham  Egg Breakfast Brunch

ham & egg breakfast brunch

A tasty breakfast casserole that has all the basics for breakfast. And you make it up the night before, so the morning is extra easy.
Baked Caramel Overnight French Toast

baked caramel overnight french toast

No more slaving over the griddle making french toast. This breakfast is made the night before and baked up in the morning. The caramel-syrup is already in the dish. Perfect for a busy morning with overnight guests.
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christmas frozen fruit salad


Cream of Vegetable Soup

cream of vegetable soup

Creamy vegetable soup is perfect to warm you up. The broccoli and cauliflower go great with the sweet carrots. Use a frozen vegetable mixture to cut down on some preparation time. Serve it with a slice of crusty bread.
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easy ham roll ups

Day 4


Crock Pot Turkey

crock pot turkey

A whole turkey in the slow cooker? That's right and it can even still be frozen! How easy is that! Make sure you have a crockpot large enough so the lid fits. The meat just falls off the bones, so deboning is a synch. Great for turkey sandwiches.


Roast Lemon Chicken With Vegetables

roast lemon chicken with vegetables

This roasted chicken is seasoned perfectly with a hint of lemon. The potatoes, onions and peppers taste delicious cooked beside the chicken.
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garlic red smashed potatoes

Easy Friendship Cornbread

easy friendship cornbread

Tasty cornbread. Serve it with butter and syrup to taste just like your grandmas.
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papa's old-fashioned green bean goodness

Day 5


No Photo Available

sweet and sour pork chops

Angel Rice

angel rice

A homemade rice-a-roni that everyone will love. The perfect side dish to any meal. You can play with the spices so that it fits your family.
Sesame Broccoli

sesame broccoli

Simply steamed broccoli but flavored with soy sauce and sesame oil to give it so much flavor. This is a great vegetable to go with any grilled meat.

Day 6


Nanas Shredded Beef

nana's shredded beef

Easy Shredded Beef with Pickles for a crowd. Serve it with mashed potatoes or on a bun.
Marinated Asparagus

marinated asparagus

Grilled vegtable side dish with an excellent flavor.

Day 7


Poached Eggs

poached eggs

A classic favorite breakfast. Quick to make. Dunk an extra piece of toast in the soft yolk of the egg. Good morning!


Beef Empanadas

beef empanadas

A great meal to use up leftover roast beef.
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