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Girls Weekend 2012

Weekly Meal Plan: Girls Weekend 2012  by jwc

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Day 1


Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rolls

What could be better than starting the day with a warm, fresh cinnamon roll? Make with frozen bread dough and topped with powdered sugar glaze, this tasty version is so easy to prepare that you’ll want to make them often.


Swiss Cheese Chicken

swiss cheese chicken

Serve this chicken dish over rice. This is a great starter recipe to make it your own. Use American cheese if you prefer, or use broth or milk in place of the wine. Great for unexpected company as most of the ingredients you'll already have on hand.
Mandarin Orange Lettuce Salad with Carmelized Almonds

mandarin orange lettuce salad with carmelized almonds

Caramelized almonds are a crispy addition to this salad. Great salad for entertaining.
Killer Garlic Bread

killer garlic bread

Day 2


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chocolate croissants


Creamy Rotel Dip

creamy rotel dip

Here's your go-to dip for those spur of the moment parties. You'll have most of the ingredients right in your pantry or freezer. The cream of mushroom soup really adds a creamy texture to this cheese dip.
Amaretto Slush with Tea

amaretto slush with tea

A refreshing cocktail with that great Amaretto flavor. You can't even taste the tea. This slush will be perfect as the weather gets warmer.


Balsamic Bruschetta

balsamic bruschetta

With tomatoes available any time of the year, this appetizer is perfect for any season. Make the topping in advance and it is ready to go when the guests arrive and full of flavor. Olives are a great addition to this appetizer.
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filet mignon 2

Cheese and Bacon Twice Baked Potatoes

cheese and bacon twice baked potatoes

This works well for leftover baked potatoes. And is great for guests as they can be made in advance to put in the oven later.
Steakhouse Sliced Mushrooms

steakhouse sliced mushrooms

For the genuine steakhouse feel, pair your grilled steaks with these delicious mushrooms. Making this meal in your home is more budget friendly but will taste just as good if not better.
Brussel Sprouts with Onion and Bacon

brussel sprouts with onion and bacon

Brussel sprouts are becoming more and more common and served any night of the week, not just special occasions. Try this recipe if your still a little scared of this leafy vegetable.

Day 3


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smokehouse pepper breakfast burritos

These smoky peppery breakfast burritos will wake up your taste buds. Feel free to include your favorite omelet ingredients such as chopped bell pepper, mushrooms or tomato in the filling.
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