Buttered Spam Sandwich Recipe

This is a simple lunch for you or the kids that is cheap and tasty if you are penny pinching with the high cost of food.
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  • 2 slices spam, 1/4 inch wide
  • 1 teaspoon real butter
  • 2 slices bread
Take two cut slices of spam and place on your grill or frying pan if using a kitchen stove. Flip over the warmed side after 20 seconds and place a small slice of butter on the slice to melt. Flip over after butter melts and repeat on other side of spam. Now cook the spam on your grill or in the frying pan for two minutes on each side or longer if preferred. Now place each slice side by side on a slice of bread and cover with lettuce and cover with the other slice of bread and you have a tasty spam sandwich.
You can feed 4 to 5 people with one can of spam, butter and bread for less than $5.00
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