A term that is most often used to describe whole grains that have been processed to remove the outer layer on each kernel of grain resulting in a kernel that cannot be classified as whole,/i> once it has been Refined. Refining whole grains strips the kernel of both its bran and germ. The bran contains fiber, minerals and vitamins while the germ is the core of the grain kernel that contains the anti-oxidants and additional vitamins. Thus when a grain is Refined it provides fewer nutrients for a healthy diet. Food manufacturers are continually adding products that are made with whole grains and not Refined grains resulting in foods containing higher levels of nutrients. Cookies, crackers, breads, and cereals are a few of the types of foods readily available as foods made with either Refined or whole grains. Therefore, check the package to make sure it states the product is made with whole grains if they are desired instead of Refined grains.

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