Porridge Rice

A grain used to produce a porridge that may become a breakfast cereal or a rice pudding, depending on the country. In Asia Porridge Rice is used to make a food dish referred to as Rice Congee, a rice porridge made with cooked rice that gelatinizes as it cooks in hot water. The Rice Congee may include poultry or pork as part of the ingredients. When the rice for the Congee is allowed to enlarge in size, the food dish becomes somewhat mushy and very moist. However, Congee may also be made by reducing the amount of liquid in the rice, resulting in a grain that becomes less mushy and creamier in texture.

When Porridge Rice is served in Scandanavia it is typically used to make a Rice Porridge or a pudding known as Rice Pudding. The Porridge served for breakfast is made with rice, water, milk, and seasonings such as salt and cinnamon. In Norway, this type of porridge is referred to as Risgrøt, Risengrynsgrøt or Riskrem that is served most often for Christmas or New Year's holidays as a breakfast dish with rice and whole milk. Low fat milk is not typically used with this porridge or pudding since it may have a tendency to curdle from the heat as it is prepared and served. When made as a pudding, the ingredients include rice, eggs, milk, dried fruit such as raisins, and possibly nuts. The rice used for Porridge Rice can be a short, medium or long grain white rice, but in Scandanavia it is most often a short grain.


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