Kringle Pastry

Native to Denmark, a traditional Kringle is a rich pastry made from dough that is repeatedly worked and then layered to create a thin flaky result. Prior to baking, butter is added to the dough as it is layered and filled with a variety of sweet ingredients any of which could include fruit fillings, cream cheese, chocolate fillings, and nuts. The Kringle is shaped in an oval or a similar form and baked. When finished, it is often topped with sliced almonds and a creamy frosting. Although the traditional method is to make this pastry with a flaky texture, there are now many variations some of which provide a thicker crumb, somewhat similar to Brioche bread. Similar to a coffee cake served as a breakfast food, Kringles can also be served as a dessert with coffee or as a sweet addition for a brunch and buffets.

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