A food industry term derived by technicians and scientists as a way to describe the effect of adding or a way to describe foods that have added live microorganisms to a base substance in order to create and develop a beneficial result for the health of humans. As an example, by adding microorganisms or microbes such as bacteria to foods such as yogurt or cultured milk products, the result is a food with benefits for persons having substance intolerances, digestion problems or illnesses similar to lactose intolerances and constant diarrhea illnesses.

A term used in conjunction with probiotics is "prebiotics" which describes the process or describes foods that have added non-living microorganisms to substances in order to improve human health issues through food products. At the present time, probiotic usage is mainly focused on solving a universe of health issues associated with organs related to the colon such as the mouth, throat, stomach, small intestine, and the vaginal canal. Prebiotic usage however, is focused mainly on health issues affecting the colon. Some of the foods and nutritional products that are being supplemented with prebiotic or probiotic microbes include vitamins and medications, yogurt, snack bars, snack mixes and some snack spreads, desserts, milk products for adults and infants, cheeses, and meat products.


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