Bergamot Orange

A bitter orange variety that is small, slightly pear-shaped with a bitter and acidic flesh. The Bergamot contains a high content of juice as well as numerous seeds through the flesh. Fairly smooth, but thin-skinned, the Bergamot ranges in color from green to yellow, depending on its ripeness. It is a variety that is generally used for its essential oils, which provide a strong aroma that is used in manufacturing perfumes and cosmetics, in addition to a flavoring for liqueurs. The peel is dried and used as flavoring in teas, such as Earl Grey tea while the aroma provided by parts of the Bergamot Orange is used in aromatherapy to aid in treating depression. Bergamots are mostly produced in Italy.

For recipes requiring a bitter or sour orange, a subsitution may be required since these oranges may not be readily available. Use equal parts of orange and grapefruit juice or use 2 parts orange juice combined with 1 part lemon juice and 1 part lime juice.


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