Margarita Salter

A kitchen utensil or tableware item that is used to hold coarse salt for coating the rim of margarita glasses prior to serving. The Margarita Salter or Salt Glass Rimmer as it is also known, will typically be round in shape and may have a container in the center that serves as a holder for slices of lime to garnish the beverage. Prior to filling the glass, the rim of the glass is moistened by moving a slice of lime completely around the edge, lightly coating the top, inside and outside of the rim. The glass is turned upside down and the rim is dipped into the salter to coat the edges. The mixed margarita is then poured into the glass being careful not to wash the salt around the rim into the beverage. As the drink is sipped, the flavor from the salted rim enhances the flavor of the tart-tasting margarita.

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