The fruit that grows from either wild or domestic rose bushes. Rosehips are typically harvested at the end of a growing season when the bright to dark red fruits are fully matured and well formed. Waiting until a first or second frost has occurred before harvesting will result in more concentrated sugars in the fruit, providing a sweeter and more flavorful rosehip. Always wash the fruit before using in order to remove any chemicals that may have been sprayed on the plant prior to harvest.

Rosehips are rich in vitamin C and are commonly used in the production of beverages, such as rosehip tea, syrups, jellies, sauces, and health products. To prepare, remove the tops and tails and slice lengthwise to remove the seeds with bristly hairs. They can then be dried for use in adding to foods or for grinding into powder and they can be stewed, similar to tomatoes and preserved. Another option for storing is to pound the fruit into a thick paste enabling the rosehips to be frozen and preserved for future use.


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