Neapolitan Salami

A variety of Italian dry sausage that is produced in the manner of artisan foods from the rural regions in and around the province of Napoli, Italy. Neapolitan Salami is made from pork meat (veal meat may also be used for some recipes) combined with fat that is seasoned with pepper, chili flakes, garlic, and wine. This deep red colored Salami is typically stuffed into a casing and dry cured for several months however, it may also be smoke cured. Very spicy in flavor, Neapolitan Salami sausages are formed into long logs of Salami that may be small to large in diameter.

A Salami that is similar in taste and appearance to a Neapolitan Salami is a Cervellatine Salami, which is another type of Neapolitan Salami from Italy. Cervellatine is made with lean pork and lard that is seasoned with salt, pepper, and red wine before being stuffed into a lamb's casing. Characteristic of the Neapolitan Salami, the Cervellatine sausage is also long, round in dimension and may be slightly smaller than many other varieties of Neapolitan Salami. Both the Neapolitan and the Cervellatine provide an enjoyable Salami to serve as spicy snacks, appetizers or luncheon meat, as well as being a tasty salami to add as an ingredient in numerous pasta dishes.


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