Patty Shell

A baked shell, made from a dough or batter, which is formed into the shape of a short and somewhat wide cup in order to hold prepared foods for serving. A traditional patty or pastry shell is most often used to serve creamed vegetables, meats, poultry, or fish, but can also be used for a variety of desserts. Shells that are similar to pastry shells but typically thicker-walled are those made specifically for desserts. Dessert shells may be referred to as a pastry bowl or waffle bowl and can be made of a thicker puff pastry or a sweet dough mixture often made to serve ice cream, puddings and other sweet fillings. Patty shells are available as frozen unbaked shells that may be pre-formed or as flat circular-shaped disks ready to be shaped for baking. They are also made as cup-shaped baked versions that can be found in a bakery section or on the shelf in packaged containers.

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