Sapodilla, Sapodillo

An egg-shaped fruit native to Central America, that is grown on a Sapodilla tree which not only produces this tasty fruit, but also a gummy sap used in the production of chewing gum. The outer brown, rough-textured skin covers a amber to brown-colored juicy and fragrant flesh containing small black, inedible seeds. Spicy sweet in flavor, the orangish-brown to dark reddish-brown flesh has a vanilla flavored meat that tastes similar to a banana. Sapodillas vary in size, but are usually less than four inches in diameter. This fruit is also known as a Black Zapote, Chico, Chocolate Pudding Persimmon, Nispero, Naseberry, Sapota, Sapote, Sapodillo, Dilly, Wild Dilly, and Zapotilla.

Sapodillas can be eaten fresh, served in salads, scooped out and served in a bowl or as an ingredient for cakes, sweet breads, custards, blended fruit drinks, flavored ices, or served pureed and made into sauces and dressings for fish or poultry. When selecting, check for ripe fruit having an outer skin with a wrinkled appearance and a darkened coloring, rather than a smooth skin with a greenish tint. When storing, place the fruit in a refrigerated area where it can be kept for a month or so.

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